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When that little idea becomes a real living thing.

Back in the summer Sioned and I got talking about just how many people we knew who were starting to really feel the effects of a work life that was out of control. I had lost count of the amount of people I spoke to within the arts and culture sector who felt totally burnt out from so many things and in some cases really lacking direction when it came to their work.

At that moment back in the early summer sunshine, the Dolbryn Creative Retreats programme was born and as I write this post we are about to take our first Creative Retreater back to the bus station to make her way home from our little corner of West Wales to London.

Nana Ocran from People's Stories Project is an insprirational human who's spent the last few days with us here at Dolbryn. It has been a genuine pleasure for us to host Nana here as our first ever Retreater and it's even more satisfying to know that Nana has found real value in her experineces with us.

" David, along with his partner Sioned, is providing space, access to wild nature and an holistic envrionment that is so conducive for slow and meaningful conversations"

" For me today's fireside chat and open conversation about personal value and long term vision was exactly what I needed to dig even deeper into working across Culture, Art, Education and commercial sectors"

Sion and I really felt this could be something of value when we envisaged the Retreats so to see them come to life this week has been a real joy. All our funded places (we are self funding 10 places in 2024 at no cost to our Retreaters and we hope to be able to source funding to continue this trend in 2025 and 2026) have now been filled and we have a number of other bookings at various point for next year already.

If you are intruiged by this in any way do get in touch. The number of messages I've had this week from people who have seen the content we've been posting about the Retreat once again confirms to us that this is so needed right now and we feel we are only just scratching the surface.

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