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Freelance Life the first six months

It's been just over six months since I set up Just Add Water 77 having completed a fantastic 4 years in Worcester as Festivals Director for the Arches project. If felt like a good time to reflect on what I've been doing and the learnings I've taken from it.

Its flown by if I'm honest, I've had the privilege to work with some great organisations including Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff for six months and The National Botanic Gardens for Wales on their 25th Anniversary celebrations. We've also set up and launched the Dolbryn Creative Retreats programme here in West Wales ( plenty of that written elsewhere so I won't waffle on about that here)

I've had lots of great conversations and meetings with people doing interesting things in Wales , whilst Wales is now my home and I'm keen to work here, it is challenging and opportunities for a 40 something creative director working in an outdoor context are scarce, I think the whole sector both in England and Wales is struggling right now, you read a lot about how much of the workforce the sector lost during the Covid years but it does feel like there are less opportunities for those that are still here, particularly if you are freelance.

The next six months I'm looking forward to moving the Botanic Gardens project further forward, to working with a West Wales local authority to scope out what may be possible in terms of a wider outdoor arts offer, our first Dolbryn Retreaters coming to stay and hopefully picking up one or two more projects along the way, going freelance and moving here still feels like totally the right decision even with the challenges, as always if you think I could add any value to what you are doing do get in touch always up for exploring new ideas with link minded people, David xx

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