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New Beginnings

So after almost four years as Festivals Director for The Arches Festivals project in Worcester it's time for something new. We delivered our last festival of the funded programme in February, and I'm hopeful for the city that those involved can find the funding to continue some of the amazing work we as a festivals team achieved in those four years. To end the project with 20,000 people attending our final night of Light Night 2023 was a real testament to just how much the city has embraced all that we did.

So its time to launch Just Add Water 77, the creative agency I'll be leading. It'll be the vehicle for all the work I do in the future, as an individual working with festivals and cultural organisations, or as a company bringing in a whole range of brilliantly talented freelancers who I've worked with over many years to deliver outstanding events and projects.

I'm also excited to be working with the awesome team at Wales Millennium Centre on this year's Llais Festival, which will take place in October. More on that in the coming weeks.

So that's all for now; do come say hello and if you feel you've got a festival or project that either myself or the whole team can add value to then do give us a shout.

David x

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